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Webrecsol did a great job. I consider myself to be a very choosy client & I am very particular about my specification. They understood my requirements very easily and they worked hard to complete my project upto my expectations. Great work ethics and

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Our Services

Webrecsol serves multitude of needs

Mc Aska serves multitude of needs

E-Commerce Solutions

For thousands of prospective buyers that see your company on the Internet your web site delivers the critical "first impression" of your company. Hire e-aim and you can have a great looking web site that will put you a cut above your competitors.

We provide-

Online Control Panel

Already have a website and just want to maintain it your own whatever it may be, like updating news section, members, contents like celebrity chat, message board...just name anything. Basic idea is to converting a simple site (with database or without) in a more lucrative and easy way to update online yourself without paying the updating or maintenance charges. Check out cool features with online control panel for updating Massage Board, News, Delete & Modify the Buyer sellers, Change celebrity chat sections, Delete & Modify listings online, Change categories of Sellers/Buyers and many more features so that you maintain your Website/Portal online your self.

E-Commerce Development

We can take your B2B, B2C or C2C ideas and dreams and convert them to reality. We can develop for you: Business to Business sites that will allow your company to effectively implement its B2B e-commerce strategy. Let us help you leverage the Internet to form powerful trading networks or conduct business over the Internet. Business to Consumer sites that help you to connect with your customers and keep their loyalty. Get your online store up and run quickly. Consumer to Consumer sites that emerge from your imagination to attaining global exposure. From building an online community to networking special interest groups, and much more. Our expertise goes beyond the technical building of a site. We can also provide business guidance to help predict the success of the project, or marketing expertise to attract B2B Websites - Trading Communities Business to business sites are generally database-driven. Typically, these sites function when suppliers enter their name and services and buyers can search for the product or service based on matching criteria. This creates an Internet marketplace that bridges the gap between the traditional buyers & sellers and creates a highly efficient marketplace. These B2B sites require quality databases. This back-end phase of web development represents about 75 percent of the total website development costs. B2C Websites - Online Product Sales Business to consumer sites are generally database-driven e-commerce sites where products are displayed in an online catalog and are stored in a database. Typically, hot new products are pulled from the database and displayed on the homepage daily. The buyer can add items from the database to the shopping cart and prices held in the database will be totaled.

Web Portal Development

Our expertise with web portal development and portal maintenance extends to cover all the possible needs. We have designed and developed multi dimensional web portals, be it B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, e-commerce portals, sharepoint portal Development. Our Portal Development services include Offshore Portal Development, Outsource Portal Development, Portal Maintenance and Portal Designing.

Payment Gateway Integration

We offer online payment solutions to our customers. We offer a fully managed online payment solution that facilitates member companies transact with their customers. It has been developed to serve the needs of B2B as well as retail transactions. Member users can select from multiple payment acceptance options to suit their requirement. They can integrate it with their shopping cart or can use options such as online invoicing, quick pay etc. to receive payments from their buyers. www.webrecsol.com has a solution for almost every online payment requirement.

Shopping cart & Content Management Systems

Do you need a custom shopping cart solution? Tired of being told you have to stick with the same old look and feel everyone else has? Of course you are.. Your business is unique and finding an e-commerce solution to suit it can be challenging - especially when your business lacks an experienced technical team. Inexpensive hosted platforms may offer many options, but often their standardized features don't satisfy complex business needs. Expensive enterprise software platforms may be flexible, but they require a dedicated staff to implement and run. Web Recital Solutions provides web-based ecommerce software to businesses interested in maximizing their success. The shopping cart software can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses and can differentiate between customer types. Web Recital Solutionsís ecommerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Our shopping cart is search engine friendly, easy to manage and provides an enriched shopping experience for your customers. We have more than just a powerful shopping cart solution. We offer a complete on line store builder with built-in shopping cart that empowers any business to sell on line. Our shopping cart include all of these features >> Adding the products to shopping cart. >> Updating the quantity of shopping cart items. >> Adding/removing the cart items. >> Calculation of the grand total. >> Integrating the cart items with payment gateway for online payment.

Benefits of online business: -

Expand Geographical Reach

The most apparent benefit of eCommerce is the ability to acquire customers across the country and around the world.

Expand Customer Base

By providing your customers another purchase channel, your business can attract and retain customers that may have never purchased from you.

Increase Visibility

Consumers are increasingly searching for information on the internet prior to making a purchase. Make your business available to them.

Never Close

Yes, your customers can purchase products from you at 3:00 AM when you are asleep.

Reduction of Marketing and Advertising Costs

Internet marketing can be highly targeted to your specific customer; it is more effective and provides a higher return on investment than traditional media advertising.

Collection of Customer Data

E-Commerce by the very nature of the transactions, automatically collects valuable customer data and relates purchases to that customer. You can leverage this information to increase future sales from your customers.