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Webrecsol did a great job. I consider myself to be a very choosy client & I am very particular about my specification. They understood my requirements very easily and they worked hard to complete my project upto my expectations. Great work ethics and

Jonathan | UK

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Our Services

Webrecsol serves multitude of needs

Mc Aska serves multitude of needs

Programme Management

We offer expertise in programme management across a broad spectrum of projects around the world – from infrastructure development to IT services delivery. Our services range from high-level programme management and business planning for major multi-nationals to small-scale projects for individual customers. Our experts set and monitor clearly defined work stages and if required propose alternative solutions to maintain schedule. We also establish cost plans and cash flows, incorporating all relevant costs. Actual costs, variations and projected costs are monitored and constantly updated to ensure the vital aspect of management information – out-turn cost – is readily available and understood by the customer and all key players. Our specialists are experienced in using all the leading proprietary software planning systems and can thus integrate with those used by our customers and other parties in the project. Through our extranet facility we’re also able to set up programme-specific extranets to enhance the speed, clarity and efficiency of communication and knowledge sharing.

Our services are likely to include:

• Management and co-ordination of the entire programme of works

• Programme schedule creation, monitoring and appraisal of work stages and milestones

• Propose alternative solutions to maintain schedule

• Establish cost plans and cash flows and monitoring regularly

• Communicate clearly to all key stakeholders particularly the client, programme team and contractors