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Webrecsol did a great job. I consider myself to be a very choosy client & I am very particular about my specification. They understood my requirements very easily and they worked hard to complete my project upto my expectations. Great work ethics and

Jonathan | UK

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Our Services
Our Services

Webrecsol serves multitude of needs

Mc Aska serves multitude of needs


We encourage micro consulting firms, business service companies, ISVs, service providers to partner with us. Offering one of the best benefit packages in any industry, mcaska & webrecsol line of services will provide you with a realistic and reliable revenue stream, and your customers with world class services which are designed around the customer experience they get out of it. We have an enviable customer attrition rate (98% of customers, who sign for our services, don't leave).

Mcaska & Webrecsol Business Partners (MWBPs)

Designed for motivated sales and marketing individuals and firms, our Mcaska & Webrecsol Business Partners program assesses track record/credentials of proven success, and provides competitive state/regional level exclusivity to sell/market our services.

Key Benefits

* Gain access to the global Mcaska network of locations and expertise.
* Training and mentoring

Associate with our global brand, and increase your credibility as an independent consultant/marketer/consulting firm. Contact Us if you are interested to become part of mcaska growing network of Mcaska & Webrecsol Business Partners around the globe.